Why Jane Doe?

We know there are a lot of options out there when you are deciding who to trust with your investigative needs, and we appreciate your interest in choosing Jane Doe.

Jane Doe Investigations (JDI) was created by a retired federal agent with more than 26 years of investigative experience working for a premiere law enforcement agency, as well as a bureau of the Department of the Treasury. Relevant experience includes:

  • Interviewing witnesses and suspects
  • Drafting reports, statements, memoranda of understanding and affidavits
  • Working collaboratively with other local, state, federal and international law enforcement agencies and organizations
  • Researching and analyzing a wide range of data
  • Drafting intelligence products on emerging criminal trends and schemes for dissemination through U.S. agencies and EUROPOL
  • Presenting as a subject matter expert to an international audience at a Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Regional Conference
  • Briefing Congressional delegations on emerging trends
  • Testifying in a court of law as an investigator as well as a Custodian of Record

Additionally, JDI provides more than three years’ experience in creating training courses and material and subsequently training international law enforcement, prosecutors, judges and some international journalists on financial investigative techniques, cyber investigations, asset forfeiture and international investigations, and more.

JDI leverages relationships with a robust global network of more than 100 professionals, including both active and former representatives in law enforcement, military, financial regulation, forensic investigation, investigative journalism, cyber investigations, banking and private business as we provide you with the most comprehensive investigative capabilities available.